A development of a training program for playing basketball

It can either set them up with a great foundation and love for the game that they have for the rest of their life, or it can give them a bad experience that drives them away from the sport of basketball.

Just slow down, focus on your technique while performing the drill and slowly build up to game speed as you get more comfortable performing that specific drill.

As is, mechanics especially finishing at the rim and shooting form suffer because players are not strong enough to perform them correctly. Anything less than this ratio robs kids of needed skill time, and in many cases, enjoyment of the game. The proper work ethic required to be successful in any endeavor.

Please keep in mind: Our coaching development program also provides basketball program leaders such as head coaches, athletic directors, league commissioners, and program coordinators with a resource that will help set a standard for coaches within their system.

You should aim for each workout to incorporate drills that include sprinting, cutting, back pedaling, defensive sliding, and jumping.

High-density competition scheduling can increase risk for injury and burnout. A majority of our time needs to be spent teaching 40 skills essential for all players. With the emphasis on winning these tournaments, the coaches have players do only what they are good at and also have the best players do most of the ball handling, shooting etc… I am by no means saying that players should not have roles or that the better shooters need to take more shots.

A ratio needs to be established to give kids a chance to master the basics before playing games. Understanding of the game: Teach youth players how to work hard vs. Make lay-up attacking left and attacking right Make 28 series — Lay-ups from the wing Sets: Playing multiple sports should not be viewed as falling behind, but rather as building the foundation for future success.

If your conditioning program only incorporates straight-ahead sprinting a typical track workoutyou will not sufficiently prepare the hip, groin, and ankle areas, all of which are high-risk areas for basketball players.

Going along with that, we need to have a standardized rule book across the nation, so that kids in Alaska are playing by the same set of rules as those in Florida. To ensure that youth players are getting the instruction they deserve and coaches have all of the resources that they need, coaching training and certification should be a requirement at all levels.

Being able to run three miles is great for cross-country but not necessarily for basketball. Playing multiple sports helps kids make new friends and develop new skills. Eric was wonderful throughout the entire process - from practices to email announcements to Game Day!

Basketball Training Programs by the Pros

Drills should be more innovative, competitive, and challenging in a basketball aspect. Jeremy Russotti — 1 Percent Club Make them use age appropriate basketball sizes and hoop heights.

Tyler Relph — Tyler Relph Basketball 1. Let kids develop a deep, passionate love for the game, not a love for the next level, not a love for the scholarship, not a love for the gear, not a love for the better tournament, not a love for pool play, not a love for rankings of 8th graders, and not a love of any extrinsic motivation.

Variations among youth in cognitive and social development, as well as motor skills, should be considered when setting goals and expectations.

Create a system for certifying coaches for all levels of youth basketball. Secondly, players need to take more initiative to get better. Ensure rest from organized basketball at least one day per week, and extended time away from organized basketball each year. Another awesome compilation of ideas and opinions from the best minds in the game.

They generally include things like: Pro Training Programs All rights reserved.Playing basketball fosters the development of peer relationships, self-esteem, leadership qualities, and physical health.

To date, however, the sport of basketball has lacked guidelines around health and wellness and consistent game play standards. Youth Development. More Info. Open Court.

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Bringing free-play basketball to facilities in your area so you can and get out and enjoy the game! More Info. More Info. USA Basketball Regional Camps allow athletes to improve fundamental skills and become better players through on-court training and off-court educational sessions!

MORE INFO. The program is an individual, small group, team, or coach training curriculum based on the skill set(s) and needs of the participants.

The goals of this program are to develop individual basketball skills, confidence, and overall understanding of the game. Basketball Training Workout #1 “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

USA Basketball and the NBA announced a set of rules and standards for youth basketball competitions to enhance the development and playing experience for young athletes by helping them learn the fundamentals of. The Impact Basketball Team Training Program will give your players a chance to train together in a focused environment with demanding on-court offensive and defensive skill training along with intense off-court strength and conditioning training.

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A development of a training program for playing basketball
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