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Candidates must choose two questions for the spectator sport and exercise. On top of that, sponsors are needed for major sporting events like the Olympics. Not only do these educated Africans able to work even outside of its bordersthey will also be able to spread the importance of education and serve as positive role models to others.

Team spirit is another thing that has been devoured by the hunger for money. Sports has become a field where money can buy talent A level gp essay questions sports where winning is everything because winning generates still more money.

There are many similar such examples of public disgraces, the latest being two Pakistani cricketers who confessed to accepting bribes from bookies to bowl no-balls. Consider the changes in society that might have led to the above viewpoint.

Many famous athletes started off by being a fan of famous athletes and train to become like them. Hence, commercialisation could also work hand-in-hand with the industries such that it both provide revenue for them and promote sports. However, this does not deny the fact that there is still a need for education.

This form of education allows less room for the growth of creativity and innovation. Half a century ago, legendary Brazilian footballer Pele, exploded onto the global football scene with outstanding performance in the and FIFA World Cups.

What was limited to putting a few bucks on the Sunday races at the Derby has now insinuated its way into almost every major sporting event in the worlds. Top 20 potential argumentative essay.

I believe that education still remains as one of the main factors to success, although its significance has been reduced. Thus, education still provides the majority with the basic learning attitudes that will help them in attaining success in life. Players have become rich, unmotivated snobs; clubs have become business franchises in talent purchase and sale; leagues have become international trade enterprises.

Thus, adjustments to the education systems may not catch up fast enough in paces with the demands of success.

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Thus, it is unlikely for a student to climb up high on the corporate ladder in his later stages of life as he or she may only be able to regurgitate what is in the notes but not able to apply the knowledge effectively.

And in a world that claims to be free. In addition, access to education for women has also result in empowerment of women, allowing them to participate more in the corporate world, thus achieving better economic status and success for themselves.

For example, many western sports are introduced into Asia with commercialisation. In stark contrast, athletes today, such as English footballer David Beckham, receive outrageous amount of money for doing little more than looking good on the filed.

However, it is also true that such commercialisation of sports could kill it, making sports not a means to achieve physical and mental excellence in a certain game or event but as a way to attain fame and riches. Rules for certain games have also been modified to increase the duration and repetition of breaks and time-outs so that more commercials can be shown.

In this realistic world, it may be insufficient for the passion to keep the athletes going as they have to feed themselves and to provide for their families. Today, we live in a more inter-connected world. As such, the current form of education may not be able to equipped students with the right keys to achieve economical success in life.

Candidates must choose two questions. Commercialisation, in this case, of sports started decades ago but it is only in the recent years that commercialisation of sports is becoming more evident, with new technology which are able to connect the world more effectively. Their apotheosis, however, is largely due to their wealth and their name, not their play.

Even as societies develop, they do not completely abandon their sense of right and wrong. InMichael Phelps won 8 medals with the help of the highly advanced swimsuit.

Traditional values and practices help us to better appreciate our ethnic cultures and understand the workings of our own societies Traditional value-systems have been present in societies for centuries, keeping people in check and passing values on to the young.Sample GP Essays, GP Passage Solutions, Essay Ideas, and many other useful articles to GCE A Level Students of General Paper General Paper Guide for A Level Students Sp S on S so S red S.

The definition of competitive sports has been distorted by the injection of money into the system. Earlier, prize winnings were measly sums of money that barely supported players and were more a side benefit to the general satisfaction of being a sports person.

Mar 02,  · The world that the 4th Generation H1 GP Blogger Team will face are challenges starkly different from our predecessors of the dear leader. We will face a system that will do nothing to protect the good Samaritans and citizens of this country.

In GP, 're-expressing' is a very valuable skill because practically every question requires us to re-express the answer in our own words, especially summary.

Gp essay questions on sports

Summary usually attracts only 8 marks and we have no time to do what we could do in O-Level summary. A level h1 general paper sports media.

Free sports model essay questions next page to write essay cambridge topics. Essay about sports teams or corporate event safely and research papers. Mar 02,  · Figurative Language Questions (1) GCE A Level Animal Rights Answers (2) GCE A LEVEL ESSAY OUTLINES (1) GCE A Level Choices Answers (1) Sports Model Essay; GP Essay Skills - Paper 2 - Application Question; GP Essay Skills - Paper 2 -Summary.

A level gp essay questions sports
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