An analysis of the causes of alcoholism and the ways to stop it

Read the Sobriety E-book, our free guide featuring tips on maintaining sobriety Smartphone Apps The app store on your cellphone has several sobriety apps that can inspire you to quit drinking and stay sober.

Known risk factors include having: Whether an intervention or a conversation, the desired end result is the same: How do I stop drinking? Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues: Having strong social and family support can help make it easier to quit drinking. These quizzes help you determine whether you meet the criteria for an alcohol use disorder — the medical term for alcoholism, alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse.

Instead, ask them gently if they think there could be a contributing cause to their drinking. There is little doubt though, that coming from certain environments does predispose people to alcohol and drug abuse. Most women will not know they are pregnant for up to 4 to 6 weeks.

You may be treated in a special recovery center inpatient You may attend a program while you live at home outpatient You may be prescribed medicines to help you quit.

Remember, alcoholism is a disease. Intensive outpatient programs IOP focus on relapse prevention and can often be scheduled around work or school. Those seeking assistance while working to overcome alcoholism can talk to a therapist or expert in person or on the phone. Some people are able to just cut back on their drinking.

The longer people in their life allow their use to continue, the longer they will take advantage of that fact. However, many people who drink too much find they can't just cut back.

So even if you do not give up alcohol altogether, you may be able to drink less. Those who grew up in dysfunctional households are more likely to turn to this type of activity. When this happens, alcohol becomes the most important thing in your life. High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and digestive problems.

Evaluating the costs and benefits of drinking Make a table like the one below, weighing the costs and benefits of drinking to the costs and benefits of quitting. Many clergy members, social workers, and counselors also offer addiction treatment services.

Abstinence may be the only way to manage a drinking problem. Learn more about the differences between causal drinking and alcoholism Tapering People who are physically dependent on alcohol should gradually reduce, or taper, their alcohol intake.

Despite such attempts to reduce incidents of alcoholism, it still continues to be a problem, especially among young people. These medicines make it less likely that you will drink again or help limit the amount you drink.

This misperception has spread even to enlightened individual. The motivators for consuming alcoholism are hard to generalize, since different cultures have different beliefs concerning the consumption of alcohol.

Several toll-free hotlines provide free information for people with alcohol use disorders or loved ones of people affected by alcoholism. Due to these issues and other causes, alcoholism has greatly hindered the realization of personal goals.

There is a wealth of information about recovery, and it can be overwhelming to decide where to start when in the early stages of sobriety. Empty out the fridge, cupboards and any hiding places you store your alcohol.

There have been different studies that show how most young people begin using these substances due to the persuasion of friends. Do you need to drink more in order to feel the effects of alcohol?

Not all substance abusers will be physically addicted. I will limit my Saturday and Sunday drinking to no more than three drinks per day or five drinks per weekend. More often than not, someone with a drinking problem will choose alcohol over any other option they are given, resulting in more stress and frustration, even hurt.

Be upfront about your new limits. It can also help you perform better at work or school.But, once a person uses alcohol or drugs, the risk of developing alcoholism or drug dependence is largely influenced by genetics. Alcoholism and drug dependence are not moral issues, are not a matter of choice or a lack of willpower.

For an individual in an alcoholism addiction treatment program to achieve long-term recovery, an assessment must not only spot the signs of being an alcoholic, but also uncover any symptoms of an underlying cause in which should be treated concurrently.

Causes Of Alcoholism Essay Examples.

Alcohol and Anxiety

17 total results. A Study on Alcoholism: Symptoms, Causes and Effects 3 pages. An Analysis of the Causes and Effects of Alcoholism. 1, words. 4 pages. Causes, Symptoms, and Effects of Alcoholism.

1, words. 3 pages. An Introduction to the Causes of Alcoholism An Analysis of the Causes of. It causes cancer of the larynx, esophagus, liver, and colon.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

It can also cause a number of fetal problems. It can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, which causes mental retardation and behavioral problems, and causes a milder form of fetal alcohol syndrome called fetal alcohol affects.

/5(9). Before you try to achieve sobriety, you need to think about your drinking habits. The way that a social drinker stops drinking is different from the way that a high-functioning alcoholic quits drinking. People with the disease of alcoholism require formal treatment.

Nearly 17 million adults in the U.S. are dependent on alcohol or have other alcohol-related problems, and about 88, people die from preventable alcohol-related causes. In teenagers, alcohol is the most commonly abused drug.

Thirty-five percent of teens have had at least one drink by age

An analysis of the causes of alcoholism and the ways to stop it
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