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The tuition fee of CHF In broader context, post-entrapment modification of vapor inclusions appears to be related to acidic and sulfur-rich fluids such as those preserved in granite- or porphyry-hosted pathways.

The idea of weak decomposability is further generalized to LASSO type estimators with concave penalties. Weak decomposability is a fundamental concept in understanding the sparsity structure a norm yields.

With improved analytical configuration, reliable Au signals were obtained from the fluid inclusions. It is shown that a much Eth thesis collection approach is using a characterized adapter from precision to snap-on connector.

For the disordered alloy we find the optimal composition to maximize the structure-inversion-asymmetry induced spin-orbit splitting. The beadless adapters are characterized by mechanical measurements and subsequent modeling.

Upon further validation, the models can be used to evaluate the environmental fate of pesticides proposed as alternatives and of problematic degradation products of existing chemicals.

Consumer products with high water content, such as cosmetics and cleaning agents, are predisposed to be contaminated by microorganisms, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which could pose a health risk to the consumer.

If electronic publication is not possible for copyright reasons, then the electronic version must still be submitted with a waiver excluding it from publication in the Research Collection. As such the GSF are readily understandable and useable in a portfolio optimization context.

In all other cases you must obtain authorisation from the owner of the right of reproduction. Then, we present some of the spacing policies we encountered in the literature review in more detail and compare their corresponding controllers.

We show that the obstruction can be avoided by breaking the symmetries that protect the topology of the system and give a generic procedure for obtaining a smooth gauge based on this principle, given that the total Chern number of the system is zero. For non-equities the orientation of the GSF is used to design a dynamically optimized portfolio that adjusts its objectives based on the direction of the risk premium.

You are also recommended to check in advance if there are any other rights or contractual agreements involved e. We then compare the results obtained in simulation and implementation with another non-linear control approach, Linear Time Varying Model Predictive Control.

The Northern bias also results in a narrow, incomplete understanding of environmental systems and biased global environmental assessments. Other members of the Examination Committee do not necessarily have to travel specially to attend the examination.

The accuracy achieved with the beadless adapter method is superior to the first method, which uses the short, open and thru standards.

These sets are the analogue of exit times of intervals by Brownian motion when one replace the one-dimensional time by a two-dimensional set. A similar combination, extended by the model of a short plane, yields the reflection coefficient of an offset short.

There are commercial solutions for most measurement tasks. In the second chapter, we use this theory to produces holomorphic flat connections and we show that the universal Universal Knizhnik—Zamolodchikov-Bernard connection on the punctured elliptic curve can be constructed as a formal homology connection.

There is, however, an increasing evidence from experimental work and analytical studies of natural samples showing that inclusions hosted in quartz — a ubiquitous host in many ore-forming systems — can experience post-entrapment modification.

A new method to predict the phase constant and the losses in such realistic coaxial lines is presented. With a power density of Scanningprobe microscopy measurements over a wide range of temperature performed onthese materials show the properties of these defects as well as their impact on thesurrounding bulk material.

We show that the motion of isolated edge dislocations govern thelocal magnetisation dynamics. This dichotomy was likely caused by chemical reactivity of carbonate precursor to the skarns and fluid focusing promoted by porosity and permeability enhancement during its decarbonation. What is the accuracy of such measurements and how can it be improved?

Lastly, we design our longitudinal controller by combining two of the previously presented control laws and show by means of simulations that the gap expansion and reduction successfully takes place while meeting all the other specifications.

Partition coefficients of Cu between brine and vapor recorded by the topaz- and beryl-hosted fluids are in agreement with experimental results for magmatic-hydrothermal conditions, and in favor of the brine.

An example is a domain wall between twoareas with differently oriented magnetisation. These two fluid types have nearly identical concentrations of trace elements such as B, Na, K, S, and Cs, but reveal significant discrepancies in Cu abundances.

Nevertheless in practical applications we commonly have more knowledge about the structure of possible arrangements. The energy supply of IoH devices and unobtrusive interfacing with the human body remain fundamental challenges yet to be resolved. In the case of more than one author, all the co-authors must also agree to the further distribution.Dissertations, reports Dissertations.

All dissertations from ETH Zurich are held by ETH Library. The holdings also include selected dissertations from other institutions.

Searching directly in the ETH E-Collection includes the following additional options: full text search; browsing by subject field, author, organisational unit, document. Doctoral Thesis, Zürich, ETH Zürich, DOI Research Collection Frequency Control in the European Power System Considering the Organisational Structure and Division of Responsibilities.

Doctoral Thesis, Zurich, ETH Zurich, DOI Research Collection Processes Controlling The Distribution Of Permeability In Crystalline Rocks In The Upper 2 Kilometers Of The Earth’s Crust. Scientific reports on micro and nanosystems, Doctoral Thesis, Zürich, ETH Zürich, DOI Research Collection Investigating the properties of metal-SWNT interfaces for SWNT-based nanodevices.

Search ETH Zurich’s Research Collection for scientific publications and research data or submit your own research output. Read more. News. Submit your ideas and win! ETH Library is searching for ideas to improve its existing services and develop new ones. Berichte aus der Hochfrequenztechnik, Doctoral Thesis, Zürich, ETH-Zürich, DOI Research Collection Analysis and design of microwave .

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