Leaders vision

However, if you are just trying to be a bit better on several dimensions at what you are already doing, then this borders on being a managerial vision. The vision of their school or district provides purpose, meaning, and significance to the work of the school and enables them to motivate and empower the staff to contribute to the realization of the vision.

Without vision, leaders fail. Vision can motivate without providing direction. In contrast, vision can be Leaders vision as a picture in the leader's imagination that motivates people to action when communicated compellingly, passionately and clearly.

Knowing what a school or district is about and the reason for its existence is the first step in developing a vision statement. The shared vision becomes a "shared covenant that bonds together leader and follower in a moral commitment" Sergiovanni, See possible futures that are good for the enterprise 2.

There are very few natural visionary leaders in the corporate world. This vision then is committed to paper. Practice out loud to yourself and to others.

Surely, leading by example is not based on a vision. Current leadership literature frequently characterizes the leader as the vision holder, the keeper of the dream, or the person who has a vision of the organization's purpose.

School administrators who have developed a shared vision with their faculty have created common ground that serves to facilitate or promote action toward the realization of their vision.

Leadership Starts with a Vision

Many leaders begin with a personal vision realizing that it ultimately will be implemented by others in the organization. Vision is a bond that unites the individuals into team with a mutual goal. Seeley asserts that such second order changes require system vision. A vision statement is a statement of words describing where and what an organization wants to be in the future.

When Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computers inthe personal computer was still new and untested. Erika Andersen is a nationally known leadership coach and the founder of Proteus International, a consulting, coaching and training firm focused uniquely on leader readiness.

Vision has been described by Manasse as "the force which molds meaning for the people of an organization. Further, it provides a process for the collaborative development of a shared vision resulting in a vision statement."All leaders have the capacity to create a compelling vision, one that takes people to a new place, and the ability to translate that vision into reality" (Bennis, ).


Current leadership literature frequently characterizes the leader as the vision holder, the keeper of the dream, or the person who has a vision of the organization's purpose.

How Great Leaders Create and Share a Positive Vision It’s important to have a compelling vision and a comprehensive plan. It is widely assumed that a vision is essential to lead others.

The truth is that leaders provide direction but that can range from a good idea for a minor change to a grand vision like JFK's vision of putting a man on the moon by the end of the 's.

The leadership vision was powerful because the senior managers and leaders believed in the vision and mission. Not just a statement hanging on a wall, the leadership vision was even more powerful because people lived the leadership vision every single day at work.

Leaders must learn how to operate and lead effectively in the new organization created by the vision. For example, in the 90s, IBM moved away from being primarily a hardware company to becoming a services-based company.

Leaders with Vision will host a “Legislative Hotwash, the immediate after-action” evaluation of the state legislature’s performance and discussion of Louisiana’s needs and expectations for the Regular Session which opens Monday.

Leaders vision
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