The canadian flag

During the election campaign ofPearson promised that Canada would have a new flag within two years of his election. The roughly one-third of Canadians who were neither of French nor British lineage tended to prefer a flag that was uniquely Canadian, and younger Canadians those born after World War II were likely to opt for something new and different that completely broke with the past.

The committee suggested a Red Ensign the red field with the Union Flag in the upper left corner with a gold maple leaf instead of the Canadian coat of arms. The Royal Union Flag can also be flown at the National War Memorial or at other locations during ceremonies that honour Canadian involvement with forces of other Commonwealth nations during times of war.

Oh, Canada—a member of the British Commonwealth and the land of maple syruplumberjacks, and bagged milk. The canadian flag only advantage is that it is innocuous; that it produces tepid approval, mild disapproval, or indifference; that it can therefore be adopted without any display of strong feeling whatever.

Anti-francophone political cartoon c.

History of the National Flag of Canada

These programs increased the exposure of the flag and the concept that it was part of the national identity. The election brought the Liberals back to power, but with a minority government.

It is also widely used in the private sector. But the maple leaf is more symmetrical than the oak and turns bright red, not dingy brown, each fall.

This flag was used across British North America and in Canada, even after Confederation from until The final design of the stylized maple leaf was established by Jacques St-Cyr, the precise dimensions of red and white were suggested by George Bist, and the technical description of precise shade of red was defined by Dr.

The Origins of Canada’s Maple Leaf Flag

Cabinet endorsed the design soon after. Great Canadian Flag Debate By the s, debate for an official Canadian flag intensified and became a subject of controversy, culminating in the Great Flag Debate of It was flown at the commemorations of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in This was created in the form of an illuminated document on vellumwith calligraphy by Yvonne Diceman and heraldic illustrations.

After various discussions over time, there were three final designs to choose from: Cabinet endorsed the design soon after. But there was something wrong with the thirteen-point design. But the beaver is also a destructive creature, seen as a pest by those trying to clear and settle the land.

Besides, why would a self-respecting country adopt a rodent with buck teeth and an outlandish tail — a cartoon animal that, some allege, consumes its own testicles when threatened and occasionally forgets to get out of the way of a tree it has felled — as the image it projects to the world?

Flag of Canada

He oversaw and coordinated the research and proposal throughout the process, and presented the single leaf design which is based on a strong sense of Canadian history. What elements would satisfy Canadians of both English heritage and French heritage, as well as those who were neither?

A beaver was a popular choice, but it proved unsatisfactory for reasons described by Archbold: The gouache was flaking off, leaving gaps in the heraldic designs, most conspicuously on the red maple leaf of the flag design in the centre of the sheet, and the adhesive from the tape had left stains.Canadian Flags United States Flag Store is the leading online vendor of Canadian Flags (also known as the Flag of Canada).

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Claim: The eleven points on the maple leaf of Canada&#;s flag represent the number of Canadian provinces and "Canadian Flag for Canadian Thanksgiving" - by Loretta Smith The Canadian flag was a wonderful centerpiece for our celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving.

Canadian Flag

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History of the National Flag of Canada

out of 5 stars US Flag Store Canada Flag, 4 by 6-Inch. A symbol of Canadian identity. The National Flag of Canada was approved by resolution of the House of Commons on December 15,followed by the Senate on December 17, It was proclaimed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, to take effect on February 15,

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The canadian flag
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