The military genius of france napoleon bonaparte

Napoleon was baptised as a Catholic. However, in December of that same year, Napoleon achieved what is considered to be one of his greatest victories at the Battle of Austerlitz, in which his army defeated the Austrians and Russians.

Napoleon was born in Corsica and later trained in France as an artillery officer.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Parker emphasizes a psycho-biographical approach of Napoleon placing him into the Corsican, French and European society that he moved in. This traditional reputation must be viewed not only in regards to his victories, but also his failings as a military commander.

Napoleon turned from what Chandler describes as, "the foremost realist of his age" to what Von Wartenburg states as, "an apostate from his old belief in facts, and began to believe in things which had no reality. Some to French soldiers were taken prisoner and another 15, men deserted.

Amiens called for the withdrawal of British troops from recently conquered colonial territories as well as for assurances to curtail the expansionary goals of the French Republic. Napoleon and his subordinates were, during the later part of the Empire, faced with increasingly more proficient enemy commanders, Blucher, Wellington, Schwarzenberg, Kutuzov and Wittgenstein.

During the most of the campaign in France inhowever, he showed strategic and tactical flair equal to this first Italian campaign. Weigley regards that despite this belief among European soldiers and statesman the period after and Austerlitz was dominated by the change from the battle of annihilation to the battle of attrition.

Also on display is one of his black felt bicorne hats, which Napoleon wore so people could distinguish him from his officers. Inhe wed Marie Louisethe daughter of the emperor of Austria. First seen in his Italian campaign ofthe army corps replaced the division as the main tactical organization.

Two years later, inhe crowned himself emperor of France in a lavish ceremony at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. In Napoleon invaded Russia because the Russians did not want to help blockade Britain. Well handled, it can fight or alternatively avoid action, and maneuver according to circumstances without any harm coming to it, because an opponent cannot force it to accept an engagement but if it chooses to do so it can fight alone for a long time.

Napoleon's reforms and their adaptation to his ideas of strategy along with his personality where all instrumental in the French army, achieving dominance during this period, and it was these methods that complimented and made the Napoleonic system of warfare possible and so effective.

In the overall historical interpretation of Napoleon as a military commander it is generally agreed that he was a great military leader, but what must taken into consideration is his limitations and the reasons for his decline. John Lynn argues that it was not true "that the soldiers of the Empire were devoid of public spirit and incapable of self sacrifice.

The Napoleon Bonaparte Exhibit is Where History Comes to Life

During this time, Napoleon was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the army. At Leipzig he faced an army of Prussian's, Austrians and Swedes numberingto his own ,the Limitations of Genius. Peter J. Dean BA(Hons) Dip Ed. Napoleon was one of the greatest military minds in the history of warfare.

He expanded the conquests of France from her revolutionary borders to that of an Empire that stretched from Spain to the steppes of Russia.

Being a military genius, Bonaparte was responsible for turning France into a superpower. The Emperor Napoleon at Waterloo. However, there were times when even the great Bonaparte was defeated. Napoleon I, also called Napoleon Bonaparte was the greatest military genius of his era and maybe the greatest general in history.

He created an empire that covered most of western and central Europe. s, France possessed an army of million.5 Also, Napoleon’s military genius shone in the Italian campaigns.

Upon his appointment to commander of the Army of Italy, he was able to turn. The Napoleon Bonaparte Exhibit is Where History Comes to Life The life of the military genius who became a legend in France centuries ago is now on display at. One of the world's greatest military geniuses, Napoleon Bonaparte, a man whose name has become synonymous with a conqueror.

He was a tactician and strategist ahead of his times, a general with a keen sense of observation.

The military genius of france napoleon bonaparte
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